GAP Analysis

A tool of great importance in the development of business objectives
which a company sets itself.

GAP Analysis enables an analysis to be made of the current state of the company, which becomes the starting point for a process of growth towards the desired result, such as the achievement or renewal of certain certificates (BRC, IFS, ISO).


The initial stage involves an analysis of the current situation by means of a specially drawn up check-list.
After that, the requirements necessary to reach the desired result are listed, setting a series of measurable and achievable objectives. After comparing the two initial stages, the differences as well as the strategy to be implemented are identified.
Once the GAP between the starting point and the desired result has been established, the actions necessary for the achievement of client’s objectives are identified and an appropriate strategy is implemented.


GAP Analysis is a very useful tool for companies that intend to acquire certification of a specific standard, or for those that already have certification with respect to previous standards.

The results of the analysis are presented in a detailed report which is delivered at the end of the process.

These results will help the client company to understand to procedure and adjust their management system in order to correspond with the necessary requirements.

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