The world “Audit” derives from the Latin word for “listen”. It indicates an instrument which allows us to understand if, in the context of the company’s range of activities, the established procedures are being respected, if everyone’s roles and duties are clear and if the company’s policies and objectives are being pursued correctly.

In the event that a company is already equipped with a management system (in conformance, for example, with the provisions of ISO regulations), it is necessary to carry out audits periodically in order to understand whether the implemented procedures are compatible with the company’s situation and whether they are being applied correctly.

An effective audit must be performed by a professional auditor with documented experience in order to obtain the most comprehensive data collection possible.

By identifying the causes, the company will be able to understand why certain objectives have not been achieved and highlight any discrepancies with respect to the adopted model.

Only in this way, having mapped out the areas of risk, will the auditor be able to propose solutions which are appropriate to the company’s structure and specific needs.

Second Party Audits

External audits in which the auditor who performs the checks
is employed by a potential or actual partner
of the organisation requesting the audit.

(e.g. when a company requests that one of its suppliers undergoes an audit)

Third Party Audits

These are audits carried out by independent certification bodies
which verify conformity to a certain framework or standard.

We collaborate with various international certification bodies and we provide qualified auditors for various sectors and frameworks
SA 8000
ISO 45001
ISO 22000
ISO 14001
ISO 9001

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