Why is social responsiblility important for a business?

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to present a sustainable profile to remain competitive. It’s not only the result of increasing awareness among consumers. There is also significant pressure being applied by legislation in order to protect the rights of all parties affected by business activities.

The global community has identified sustainability as a universal issue. This revolution is having a great effect on production, deciding who will enter the market and who will leave it.

Companies need tools which help them to define strategic objectives and to measure the effectiveness and impact of the objectives assumed. This implies undertaking a path of continuous improvement.

We believe that ISO 26000 is an extremly effective tool for the integration of sustainability within a company’s business strategy. We have decided to use this standard to facilitating the adoption of best practice in terms of social responsibility.

What do we offer:

1. Current situation analysis

2. Definition of strategic objectives and action plan

3. Monitoring, evaluation and control system

4. GAP analysis

5. External evaluation and impact assessment of specific SR programms

6. Definition of the reporting process

social responsability


Competitiveness: Doing business in an innovative way adding value to customers.

Branding: enhance brand awareness and customers’ trust, more and more aware of the issue of sustainability.

Efficiency: increased productivity, improvement in relations with suppliers; reduction in supply chain costs.

Opportunities: access to calls for tender and investment funds based on social ratings as selection criteria.