An audit is an independent assessment that aims to obtain objective evidence in relation to a certain topic, and to determine the extent to which predetermined criteria have or have not been met.

Second party audits:

Second party audits are external audits in which the auditor is an employee of the (potential or actual) partner of the organisation requesting the audit (for example, a company requesting that a supplier undergo an audit).

Third party audits:

Third-party audits are external audits conducted by independent certification bodies through an authorised auditor who verifies conformity to a particular system or recognised standard.

The audit and inspection activities have become one of the most in-demand activities throughout the entire production chain.

InCos collaborates with various international certification bodies and has qualified auditors for different sectors and different systems such as:

ISO 22000
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
FSSC 22000
SA 8000